Below, my Coosa Creek Cavaliers and friends
from Christmas and Holidays past (2009 - 2003) . . .
Barnaby, Maggie, and
Mollie Haas
Barkley Popovski and Santa
Watson Cavaliers -- Bentley, Jewel,
Teddy, and Rosie
Annie and Cooper Gelman
Sir Bazzle Gilbert, Austin, and Alexis
Briley, Emmie, and Brynne Doyle
playing with gift wrapping.
Bella Bautista telling Santa about all
the dog bones she wants.
Duchess Sikorski
Bentley and Duncan Bergin
Bella Van Erde under the covers
Belle Reaves
Duffy Mendelbaum and Jillian
Charlie and Brady
Brady Harris and Buddy Silberstein
Cosmos and Stella Fontaine
Coco Torres and her mom
Dara Martinez and family
Webster Dresnick
Crystal Pittman
Duffy Romeo
Dixie Koryl and Karen
Duncan Maclaren is with
his new siblings
Madeleine, Emma, and Jay
Easton, Duncan, and Max
Emma Berlin
Eisa and Gram Reali
Gracie Garcia and new
baby brother Matthew
Pika and Pennie Halpen
Killian Marcus
Jasmine Baskin waiting for
Kona Ehrmann and mommy Jen
Lady and Emmie Carraro
Laila and Tatum Nitabach
Mackenzie and Jim Bohn
Kelsey and Skittles Faison
Latte Dyess
Kirby and Belle Latham
Lily and Gracie Rhodes
Logan Demetrius Walker
Logan Halle
Lucie Lu, Quincy, and Erika Saylor
Lucky Laxmi
Luke Shapiro, Ben, Julie,
and Craig
Lucy and Jazz Rougeou
Lucky Luck
Lucy Faulds
Mackenzie Bohn wrapping
Mateo and Kodi
Mackenzie Wavrin
Midas and Zoe Maurer and
their sister Jordan
Maggie Marguilies
Bob "Marley" and
"Madison" Avenue
Maxie Apple, Sara, and
Minnie and her beautiful
Meghan Alheim
Molly Miller
Molly and Chester with the
Engle kids
Mollie and Madison Wills
Puggy McGovern the Chin
from the wonderful "Coosa
Creek Chin Experience!"
Princess Diana Blanchette
Oliver Piniero
Riley and Sunshine
Ritz Barboni and her sisters
Redford Salt and his dad Bob
Quijote and Johnny Mac
Riley O'Neal
Romeo and the Burk Family
Riley Martin
Rusty Nusbaum
Rosie O'Grady - Lyons-Mauri
Romeo and Ginger Schmidt
Rosie Rosenstein
Rosie and Gracie Iannuzzo
Ruby Kenyon
Rudy Moses and brother
Rudy Moses
Sadie Weaver and kids
Sadie Altieri
Ginger with the Brown family
Sophie and Mackenzie
Rochwarger and Norma
Sophie and Max Giroux
Shira Mendelow
Sophie and Millie Crocker
Sammie Diaz
Sneakers and Sadie Gorback
Star Madsen
Tessa Messina
Sterling Langford and Santa
Lucy and the Stern kids
Corky Gordon
Cover Girls Ivy and Jennifer Bradley
Ruby Desdames and Kayanna
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