Meet a few of the Gentlemen of Coosa Creek Cavaliers ~
Past and Present
My Cavalier moms and dads receive heart, eye, knee clearances
with Board Certified Specialists
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Heir of O'Reilly of Coosa Creek
O'Reilly started it all here at Coosa Creek!
He was my first, an Irish boy, the foundation father of
7 generations.
Kul de Flurie at Coosa Creek
2015 update -- Waffle is doing well at 9 years old
with his forever family who considers him their
son.  LIG for Waffle!
"Sir Bazzle Bartholomew"
Forest Gump at Coosa Creek
Sadly, Bazzle crossed Rainbow Bridge in early 2015 at 10 years of
age.  He was deeply loved by his forever family.  Pictures are
showcased of him on my Holiday Pages.  RIP dear Bazzle.
You were truly one of a kind.
CCC's Tango is the foundation for my
wholecolour line!
melts in my arms when I hold him, and has
found his place in our pack as fourth boy in line - but
topdog as a wholecolour, for sure!  
And he's happy with that as long as he can snuggle in
my lap when the other boys are running the show!
Tango's deep ruby coat will bring a color richness to
Coosa Creek!

Honey, Let's Dance at Coosa Creek
CCC's fun-loving, happiest boy!
loves every moment of every day, no matter where
we are or what we're doing.
His character is willing and ready to please at a moment's notice.
He steals the show with visitors, and everyone immediately falls in
love -- how can you not?  Just look at that face!
And did I mention he LIVES for the camera?  He is lovingly known
here as
HAM-ingway!  My photo-op child ~ he pushes all the
others aside to get that big smile captured on camera!
HH A Story to Tell at Coosa Creek
CCC's head of the pack!
is gentle and watchful over his pack, making sure all the
girls are safe and sound.
His character is willing and humble, and is a great leader here at
Creek Cavaliers.
 My Zach will sit with you on the couch and stare into
your eyes for several long minutes.  He has produced gorgeous fur-kids, all
with gentle spirits like him.
Zach is my "house boy" now, as he was retired from
breeding and neutered in 2014.
CCC RETIRED  ~  living in "forever homes"

Showcased below are a few boys who were part of the foundation here for Coosa
Creek Cavaliers over the years.  They are no longer living here at Coosa Creek,
but we celebrate them for life!
Their european lines live on today through the generations
here at
Coosa Creek and within the CCC family.
CCC's happy-go-lucky, small boy!
is my go-with-the-flow little boy, oftentimes off
playing by himself amongst the flowers.  And, he's
ALWAYS carrying something in his mouth, teasing the
ladies!  I call him my little stuffed animal, with a splash of
love and happiness!
Oh, and did I mention EARS?
HH Wee Scout Em' Out
of Coosa Creek
Zachary Daiquiri Doc of Coosa Creek